Nike today finally revealed the totally new Phantom VSN (Phantom Vision) football boots, which will replace the Magista line from now on

Nike today finally revealed the totally new Phantom VSN (Phantom Vision) football boots, which will replace the Magista line from now on.

The first Nike Phantom Vision cleats will be available tomorrow as part of the ‘Stealth Ops’ pack, whilst the light grey and maroon colorways are slated to drop on July 30 and August 6, respectively.


Having replaced the Magista, most players who previously donned the Magista Obra DF high cuts will switch to the Phantom Vision line from today. Apart from that, the most prominent players to promote the all-new silo are Philippe Coutinho, Kevin De Bruyne, and Leon Goretzka, two of which wore the Mercurial 360 before.

The Nike Phantom Vision is the first Nike shoe to include the brand’s new ‘Quadfit’ tech, something that will soon adapted by more footwear throughout the Swoosh lineup.

“We developed an internal Quadfit mesh bootie that conforms to fit most any foot, but retains its shape and will not overstretch,” says Nike Football designer Phil Woodman. “Quadfit contains the foot without constricting the foot.”

Nike Phantom VSN Boots Black

Quadfit is designed to decrease breaking in times and offer a more custom, personal fit for everyone. “Players have long been accustomed to the rigors of breaking in their boots,” explains Woodman, “but the PhantomVSN is match-ready right out of the box.”

The ‘Ghost Lace’ lace cover system was a feature that was talked about a lot prior to the launch of the new Phantom Vision. Something new for Nike Football, the construction allows for the entire lacing system to be tucked away under a second layer of Flyknit, similar to what Adidas has done on the last-gen X Purespeed for example.

Nike Phantom VSN Boots Grey

“We’ve done tremendous amounts of research, talking with players and analyzing data in the lab,” explains Woodman, “and the results are unanimously in favor of lacing to provide that customized fit each player desires.”

Informed by Nike’s Sport Research Lab research, the Phantom Vision features a 3-D upper structure that is optimized for touch and control in each area of the foot.

Nike Phantom VSN Boots Red

The Nike Phantom VSN has a new traction plate with a stud alignment designed to help with quick, multi-directional turns.

Let’s hear your thoughts on the Nike Phantom VSN in the comments below the article.

World Cup 2018 Russia – The French World Cup Win and the Glories of Immigration

World Cup boots

those of us who have spent a surprising chunk of our lives rooting for—supporting, as they say in Britain—Les Bleus, the French national football team, have to feel a special exultation and delight in seeing them win the World Cup 2018 Russia. Whether or not they gave their best performance against Croatia, they were certainly the best team in the tournament: the one with the most élan, the most entertaining players in their prime, the most creativity available at the most crucial moments.

To the pleasure of seeing a fine team playing well and winning, a pleasure deepened by the many rough bumps that Les Bleus have known along the way—not least the loss in the final of 2006, when a clearly superior French team, rooted in the anchor of Zinedine Zidane and the harpoon of Thierry Henry, lost to an Italian team that took Machiavellian stratagems to victory—one can add the pleasure of having your favorite sporting team also act as the living refutation to one of the least sportsmanlike people on earth. I am referring, of course, to Donald Trump, whose views on immigration and Europe, loudly brayed out last week on his visit to the U.K., were neatly devastated by the excellence and the teamwork of the diverse French squad.

The French team, now the finest in the world’s most popular sport, is entirely dependent for its greatness on immigration, on the extraordinary things that only a cosmopolitan civilization can achieve. The hybrid nature of the roster is already famous: the great and absurdly entertaining teen-ager Kylian Mbappé, who at various moments seemed to be playing another game at another pace from everyone else, comes from a mixed Algerian and Cameroonian background. N’Golo Kanté’s parents came from Mali; Paul Pogba’s are Guinean. And it’s not only the players who come from obvious post-colonial backflow who are part of this story but the many other players who hold myriad identities. Lucas Hernández, who played so crucial a role in victory with his nimble crosses, was born in Marseilles but was brought up in Spain and has always competed on a club level there, which did not prevent him from playing a beautiful role for France, or from celebrating as loudly as anyone else.

And, of course, this group is only the latest edition of the multiple, polyglot team that has been so dominant in the past twenty years—exactly since the rise of the immigrant stars, with the great Zidane, whose parents came from Algeria, the greatest of all. It is no accident that the French team got great when it got cosmopolitan and not unfair to say that it got great even in the face of the French suspicion of cosmopolitanism. (The senior Le Pen, like his parallel in America, has often grumbled about the look and the makeup of the beloved national team.) Trump, of course, with his pitiful maunderings about the “great product” that some country—was it Great Britain or the United Kingdom or maybe, uh, England?—was damaging, as it continued “losing its culture” through immigration, showed that he has not the least idea of the actual history of immigration in Europe, either its challenges (which are many) or its triumphs (which are more).

The irony, of course, is that the one other place, after sport, where that kind of cosmopolitanism is actually most essential is commerce. Dating back to the Bronze Age, pluralism, if only of ports, was a precondition of prosperity. Every successful businessman practices this, if not everyone admits it, and Trump’s inability to understand the benefits of immigration—how it brings new energy, new talents—is of a piece with his inability to understand the double-flowing virtues of open trade. Apparently able to understand the world only in mobster terms, in terms of the domination of a single tribe or family over others, he cannot understand why football and fair trade both get better the more people, and the more kinds of people, are playing.

Of course, the story of immigration in France is hardly uniformly glorious. Those of us who celebrated the first French World Cup triumph, in 1998, as an unmissable step forward in French confidence and cosmopolitanism, were disappointed, though we should not have been surprised, to witness the continuing difficulties that the process of immigration presents, from both sides. The continued power of the National Front is a reminder of how deep-seated old ethnic and religious grievances are, and the Bataclan and Charlie Hebdo massacres are a reminder of how brutal and how cruelly irrational new grievances can become. Indeed, immigration is always a hard story, stretching out over generations. The worst thing that anyone could have said about Sicilian immigrants to America in 1900 was that they would bring their secret crime societies with them to American cities. Some did. But so impossible is it for us to imagine American life without the Italian presence within it—hello, Joe D.; hey, Francis Albert!—that it becomes just one more instance of the broader truth: pluralism is the key to a happy life.

Sports cure nothing, but they do symbolize a lot. What the French victory on Sunday symbolizes is that to compete against the world around you means to compete with the world around you—to have the world and all its resources on your side, rather than shutting off from them in an insular tantrum. The thing that can make even a Francophile American really blue is to think that, having taught this lesson to the world for so long, it’s now a lesson that the world has to teach us.

Nike have unveiled a Naija-inspired Mercurial Superfly 360 and Mercurial Vapor 360

With the World Cup Russia 2018 looming, Nike have celebrated the launch of the ‘Naija’ Nigeria National Team collection with a pair of special edition Nike football boots. Bringing the swag from the Nigeria kits to their footwear game, this Mercurial facelift styles out the game like no other boot this summer.


Having worked with Nike in creating the summer’s most hyped apparel collection, to celebrate the release of the full Nigeria collection, Nike have unveiled a Naija-inspired Mercurial Superfly 360 and Mercurial Vapor 360, available in green and black colorways on NIKEiD. It’s the icing on a cake that parties hard both on and off the pitch.

The kits will be on-pitch tomorrow when the Super Eagles take on England at Wembley. Nike are said to have received unto three-million pre-orders for the Nigeria jersey alone so it goes some distance in showing just how much the collection has resonated with a contemporary football audience.

kids football boots, Croatian players’ children took to the field after their semi-final win

In what is starting to look like the beginning of a tradition, the children of Croatian players found their way onto Luzhniki Stadium amid the celebration of Hrvatska’s 2-1 extra time win over England.

Croatian players' children

Captain Luka Modric’s children were spotted after the final whistle in Croatia’s quarter-final penalty shootout win over hosts Russia earlier in the week, but it was the beginning of an under-sevens side that kept the crowd going long after Croatia qualified for their first ever World Cup final on Thursday (AEST).

Croatian players' children1

Fans stationed behind the goal roared as a young boy wearing the Peresic name ran a scintillating line from almost halfway to score in a packed away net.

As the ball slowly petered over the line to the delight of those in red and white chequer, English fans could be heard in the background singing along with the stadium’s PA system to Oasis’ Don’t Look Back In Anger – presumably on reflection of a campaign which has exceeded all expectation.

Croatian players' children2

Meanwhile Croatian post-match scenes reminded keen-eyed fans of the appearance of kids football booots in celebrations after the win over Russia.

On both occasions kids interacted with players with ease, in a sign of what appears to be a tight-knit squad that has achieved what their legendary ’98 side could not.

Croats remember fondly how – in their first independent appearance at World Cup – the 1998 team earned third place after falling short in the semi-final against eventual winners France.

Boasting a population less than that of Sydney, Croatia has not advanced past the group stage since, and failed to qualify at all for South Africa 2010.

The pictures of smiling children football boots looking up at their fathers on Russian pitches tell the story of real people fulfilling a lifetime’s dream. The names Modric, Rakitic or Vida carry much more than just fantasy football numbers.

For many of these newly-berthed finalists, 2018 will mark their final World Cup. It is hard to see too many from this year’s squad make an appearance in Qatar in four years time, with eight of Croatia’s first XI aged 29 or older.

Win or lose on Monday morning Australian time, this Croatian team will return to a proud footballing nation to great jubilance and adoration.

All the more heart-warming, then, that players will be able share the experience with those they care about the most, as they have done in Russia.

Adidas Predator 18+ & Adidas Predator 18.1 Football Boots With Sock Outlet

A new picture of the black, red and white Adidas Predator 18+ football boots has been leaked. The classic Predator colorway is set to be released in August 2018.

Adidas has lined up a truly classic colorway for its Predator 18+ football boots model to kick off the 2018-2019 season in style. The trademark black, red and white Adidas Predator colorway will be released in August 2018.

This is the black, white and red Adidas Predator 18+ football boots.

Predominantly black, this Adidas Predator 18+ football boots sees the collar part painted in red, as well as most of the sole plate. Just like in the old days, the 3 Stripes are colored white to round off the design.

Predator 18+ football boots

Features-wise, everything stays the same for this colorway, one of the first Adidas Predator 18+ offerings of 18-19.

Adidas Predator 18+ – features: adidas primeknit upper; stretchy sockfit collar with adidas primeknit; Controlskin upper texture; molded heel offers a snug fit; Integrated forged knit midfoot design features zoned areas of support;Boost cushioning in midsole and sockliner;

This image shows the Adidas Predator 18.1 football boots in the iconic black, white and red colorway.

An alternative to the laceless 18+, the Adidas Predator 18.1 have a knit upper with a controlskin texture and a stretchy Sockfit collar for comfort and control.

Adidas Predator 18.1 – features: knit upper; controlskin upper texture; molded heel offers a snug fit; stretchy sockfit collar with adidas primeknit;

The Adidas Predator 18+ and 18.1 boots in the black, white and red colorway will be released in August 2018.

Eight championship teams were born in the history of the World Cup: Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Spain, England. who will become next?

The final eight games of the World Cup have been left, and many suspense has been announced. For example, Ronaldo and Messi still failed to score in the World Cup Elimination, Argentina and Portugal continue to miss the World Cup. However, in the remaining 8 games, there are still many suspense waiting to be announced.

cheap football boots shop

The World Cup football boots is not over yet, and there have been news of many coaches coming to class. According to the latest news, Japanese coach Nishino Lang will take the class, and it is likely that he will be former German coach Klinsmann. In addition, Egyptian coach Cooper has already been announced after the group stage. Australian coach Van Marwijk is also unable to escape the fate of the class after the team team is out. Costa Rica coach Ramirez also led the team to a level 2 and 2 losses at the end of the game, suffered a bad habit. The defending champion German coach Luf, who was defeated by the team, will continue to serve as the coach. In addition, the future fate of Sang Baoli, Deschamps, Tit, Martinez and others has not yet been determined.

To vote for the biggest black horse in this World Cup, the Swedish team can be considered as a failure. From the World Cup qualifiers, Sweden has made a miracle all the way, and now it has entered the World Cup top eight. In the World Cup qualifiers, they were grouped together with the two World Cups in the Netherlands and France. As a result, they directly eliminated the third World Cup runner-up Holland. In the play-offs, they eliminated 4 stars in Italy in two rounds. In the group stage, they indirectly sent the defending champion Germany home. In the 1/8 knockout, Switzerland, ranked 6th in the world, once again fell under the Viking sword. Today, they have to face the World Cup’s biggest pseudo-strong team in England, and there is great hope to continue to make breakthroughs.

The number of penalties in this World Cup Soccer Cleats has reached the highest level in history. After the 1/8 knockout, the number of penalties in the World Cup in Russia has reached 27, far exceeding the number of penalties in any previous World Cup (17). As var enters the referee system, only 24 penalty kicks are awarded in the group stage. However, in the knockout round, the frequency of use of var has decreased, and var will improve in the future, which is still worthy of attention.

In the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, Ronaldo scored 8 goals in the Golden Boots. But after that, it is difficult to reach the height of 8 balls in the World Cup. If the field of vision is widened, only Ronaldo tied or broke Rato’s scoring record after the 7th goal of the Polish legend in 1974. However, this year’s World Cup, Harry Kane has scored 6 goals. With a maximum of three games left, Kane has great hopes to continue to refresh his scoring record.

A total of eight championship teams were born in the history of the World Cup: Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Spain, England. The most recent winner of the World Cup is the 2010 Spanish team. Of the top eight in the World Cup, four teams have won the World Cup. Belgium in the upper half and Croatia in the lower half have good strength. Will a new world champion be born in this World Cup?

New special edition “Meu Jogo” Mercurial Vapor 360 football boots cheap sale

Anyone notice the new boot colorway Neymar had on his feet as he helped Brazil win 2-0 over Mexico earlier today? What a time to receive a new pair of boots; score a goal, grab an assist, win 2-0 and move onto the World Cup quarter finals.


Welcome in the special edition “Meu Jogo” Mercurial Vapor 360, designed to represent Neymar’s expressive style of play on the pitch. It also commemorates the belief that brought him from his first professional club in Brasil to the highest level of soccer. They come in a canary yellow with an underfoot graphic that leverages the 360 construction of the Mercurial. “Meu Jogo” references Neymar’s commitment to playing his game.


Neymar says of his playing style, “I got here because of my football boots. If football brought me to where I am, if it made me conquer the things I did, then I don’t need to change.”

Right as the game kicked off earlier today, Nike dropped a limited number of pairs on They sold out within minutes! There will be more pairs available right across retail in the next 24hrs, expect those to sell out pretty quickly also.


Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup football boots

The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about the future before the end of the group stage on June 28. Who has the easiest path to the knockout stage? Is it Spain in Group B? What about Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne and Belgium in Group G? Nobody knows for sure, but that’s why it is always fun to guess.

So which team has the highest probability to win the World Cup, and which teams shock the football world? Visit SportsLine now to see which teams have the best chance to win the 2018 World Cup and see which long shots can go all the way, all from a European soccer expert who created a model that’s returned an 1800 percent profit on the bookmakers’ closing odds!

Below you’ll find the standings and schedule broken down by each group. Teams in bold have advances to the next round.

New Coming Style Adidas Copa 18.1 FG football boots delivers outstanding comfort and feel

adidas copa football boots

A classy new Adidas Copa 18 football boots is on the way to be launched in late September / early October as part of the Spectral Mode pack. It’s a collection that is unlikely to see much on-pitch support.

This is the Adidas Copa 18.1 cleat from the Spectral Mode collection. Crafted with a premium kangaroo leather forefoot, the adidas Copa 18.1 delivers outstanding comfort and feel as well as a glove-like fit.

adidas copa 18.1

Fitting right in with the rest of the Spectral Mode set, the Adidas Copa 18.1 soccer boots are almost entirely red, with tonal 3 Stripes on the side, and subtle gold metallic brandings along the sides, on the heel and tongue.

1-adidas copa 18.1

this style feature: Premium K-leather upper; Internal skeleton replaces forefoot stitching; Primeknit tongue and heel; OrthoLite® sockliner; Foam areas in sockliner and heel lining; Sprintframe outsole;

3-adidas copa 18.1

Nike Mercurial 360, Hypervenom 3, Magista 2, Tiempo 7 Soccer Cleats Hot Sale

It’s officially World Cup Swoosh season. Nike show their hand for the 2018 World Cup in Russia by unveiling their “Just Do It” football boot collection to be worn by all Nike athletes competing at the tournament this summer.

Dropping in typical tournament pack style, Nike have delivered a blast of fresh white uppers on stunning premium plate finishes with distinctive hues to differentiate silos. A modern day upgrade on the EURO 2012 “clash collection” if you like. It’s a dominant tactic by the swoosh and one that has proved successful in previous summers – supplying every one of their players with the same coloured boot to ensure a visual takeover at the tournament.

Nike Soccer Cleats

The clean white uppers feature a matte pearlescent skin and metallic cool grey swooshes, but it’s underneath where the personality of each silo is identified. The Mercurial 360 is dipped in “Total Orange”, the Nike Hypervenom takes on a touch of “Volt”, while the Nike Magista and Nike Tiempo are finished in “Bright Crimson” and “Blue Hero” respectively.

Nike Soccer Cleats Sale

Each heel counter of each boot contains a triangle made up of 32 lines, one line for each country competing in the tournament. This triangle will also serve as a new canvas of customisation as players will have the option placing a graphic representing their country’s flag on that area.